Ça va aller!

By Suzanne Korell

As Agente de liaison IDELLO, my regular assignments include working with teachers and educational professionals in using IDELLO resources in the classroom, writing pedagogical resources, facilitating workshops and hosting the IDELLO information kiosk at educational events throughout Canada. Lately I find myself having numerous sidebar conversations with family, friends and neighbours on the wealth of resources available on the IDELLO platform. These resources may be of service to parents who are seeking quality educational materials to support their children's learning at home. Parents have expressed concern about how they can help their children if they don’t speak French. I reassure them by stating that many teachers agree that it’s best to focus on building literacy skills first in the child’s maternal language by inviting them to express their thoughts, responses, and questions on what they see, read or listen to. Research in language acquisition indicates that “once literacy skills are well established in one language, they transfer readily and rapidly to other languages” (Sharon Lapkin and Merrill Swain, 1984). This means that skills and strategies used in learning one’s maternal language are readily transferred to learning French.

Last week, my granddaughters and I co-viewed Episode 4 - INDE of the Series On fête ensemble. The 4-year-old quietly listened through the 12 minute episode. I was unsure of how much she had comprehended until later in the day when she told her parents details about the wedding, and particularly the mehndi known as henna associated with Indian weddings. In order to support gradual progress in learning French, we encourage a focus on developing listening and comprehension skills. It is important to select audio and video resources that are engaging and based on a child's age and interests.

View Episode 4 - INDE of the Series On fête ensemble on IDÉLLO

Here are a few examples of top resources that I like to recommend to enrich children's learning experience during this time of social distancing. En français? Mais oui!

Là où je dors
This series of 36 videos invites viewers to discover the rooms of children across the world. It opens our eyes to the reality of young people who are proud to present their favourite place despite an occasionally difficult daily life. The children share their precious objects, the important people in their lives, their aspirations and aspects of their daily life. This series offers a beautiful opening to the world, as each child will be exposed to the values of different cultural, social and economic backgrounds.

View Là où je dors Series on IDÉLLO

FAMILY ACTIVITY IDEA (Social and Human Sciences) : And you? What are your favorite items in your room, in your house? What are the objects in your home that make you a unique family? Talk about it with your family.


On fête ensemble
This series invites children to discover cultures and traditions from various countries and opens up to the world. Whether it’s dances, food, parties or festivals, children have the opportunity to discover universes that are still unknown to them. The diversity presented allows the student to learn personally and to see the place that culture occupies within a community.

View On fête ensemble Series on IDÉLLO

FAMILY ACTIVITY IDEA (Social and Human Sciences, Arts, Communication) : How about you? Where do you come from? Does your family have traditions, parties, dishes that you like to eat? Try to find photos that illustrate where you come from, and family reunions. Make an album, with photos and drawings.


Les devinettes de Reinettes
Reinette the frog poses a riddle. As she gives her clues, an animal is created in clay and shapes itself in a whimsical way. Children can therefore discover the distinct characteristics of animals related to their appearance, behaviour and movement while having fun.


View Les devinettes de Reinette Series on IDÉLLO

FAMILY ACTIVITY IDEA (Vocabulary, Motor Skills, Creativity, Sciences) : Do you have plasticine? Can you make salt dough with a member of your family? Try to recreate the animals shown in Reinette's videos and let your family guess which animal it is!


A little bunny, Didou and his friend Yoko, a ladybug, teach children how to draw through little colorful stories.



View Didou Series on IDÉLLO

FAMILY ACTIVITY IDEA (Creativity, Listening skills, Communication) age 2-7-year old; Encourage children to interact as they create a drawing based on Didou’s guidance or their own creativity.


Art is everywhere, you just have to look at the world around you. Presented by Mark Antoine, an artist, this event encourages children to be creative and offers a rhythmic and simple way to reproduce objects of all kinds using tools, mainly recyclable materials, and diversified technologies.


View Artzooka Series on IDÉLLO

FAMILY ACTIVITY IDEA (Vocabulary, Comprehension, Creativity, Arts and Crafts). Construct an item, decorate a skateboard or garden chair, create an object out of recycled materials.


Suzanne Korell
Agente de liaison IDÉLLO. Spécialiste FSL, TFO/Apprentissage numérique


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